It started with the music of the Ainur

First, there was only Eru Ilúvatar.

Ilúvatar made the Ainur, the holy ones, out of his thought.

So the Ainur got present with the Imperishable Flame.

Ilúvatar started speaking to the Ainur with themes of music.

Each of the Ainur listened to him.

And then the Ainur sang for a long time.

Each Ainur sang the part of Ilúvatar’s mind they understood.

But each Ainur sang alone, or in small groups.

They listened to each other and grew their song slowly.

So slowly, they got a deeper understanding of Ilúvatar’s song.

They managed to make a harmony out of listening and improving their song.

Then Ilúvatar told them about a new mighty theme.

So all Ainur got silent.

And all Ainur bowed before Ilúvatar for his amazing glorious thought.

Then Ilúvatar allowed the Ainur to make a Great Music in harmony together.

So each Ainur sang based on their own power to decorate Ilúvatar’s thought.